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large fireplace bellows

A few years ago, we received an inquiry from someone who liked our Original Fireplace Bellows, but wondered if we could make them larger. Her father in-law had a pair from Holland that were 43" tall, and she wanted something similar for her husband's birthday. After discussions with her concerning size and weight, we came up with this fine pair. These bellows are made from cedar and poplar and stand about 35" tall. Since a 35" pair of bellows would necessarily be heavier than our standard 20" pair, we chose cedar and poplar, not only for how the woods looked together, but also for their relative lightness in weight.

These large fireplace bellows proved more popular than we had expected, and we've made several more since then. We've now added them to our regular fireplace bellows collection. These are especially appropriate for very large fireplaces such as in lodges, hotels, or large homes with great rooms, any place you need assistance getting a large fire started. These do create a mighty wind.

As with all of our bellows, these were finished with tung oil, a natural vegetable oil that enhances the depth of the wood grain. The bag consists of 2-3 ounce leather, very supple and able to produce a strong draft. We build the bellows with a strong steel hinge (covered by the leather) for dependability and a long life.

These fireplace bellows are 35" long, 10" wide, and 2" thick (closed). The image on the right shows them next to our regular fireplace bellows as a comparison.

Price: $250.00.

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large and regular fireplace bellows
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