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cedar box

cedar groomsman boxes

Laughing Coyote Woodworks has been building custom cedar boxes for our customers for several years. We have made many boxes to hold sacred objects; we have also made a set of groomsman boxes as well as keepsake boxes and cremation urns. Whatever you would like to store, we can build a safe space for it.

We usually build our custom boxes with brass hinges and a hasp. Boxes more than 12 inches long will also come with brass handles on the sides.

We can accommodate any requests such as flocked interiors, sliding lids, nonbrass hardware, or any other variation.

Shipping within the U.S. (including Alaska and Hawai'i) is FREE.

Please email us so we can begin a conversation about your new box. We would love to build one (or more!) for you.


cedar box w/suitcase handle

cedar box w/deer antler handle & non-brass hardware



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