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Schoolhouse Clock


Everyone needs to know what time it is, but that doesn't mean you have to look at some unattractive digital piece of plastic to find it. Clocks have long been decorative elements as well as time pieces, and we make one for every decor. Please click on the items below to see larger images and more information.


schoolhouse clock
wagon wheel clock
art deco wall clock
ash and walnut clock
prairie style mantel clock

A Note on Clock Movements:
All of our table and wall clocks are built using quartz movements. Quartz movements are accurate and inexpensive. However, we are happy to use mechanical movements if you prefer. Particularly on chiming clocks, this may be your best option. There are a few quartz movements with mechanical chimes, but if you want that good old-fashioned rich-sounding Westminster chime, mechanical movements are the way to go. If you're still not sure what you'd like, contact us and we'd be happy to talk with you.

Always bear in mind that we can customize anything we make. Bigger, smaller, different wood, whatever you can imagine. Please check out our custom clocks and limited editions.

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